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Zig Waterbrush H20 - Detailer Tip

Zig Waterbrush H20 - Detailer Tip
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Brand: Ek Success
Description :

Zig Waterbrush H20 with a Detailer Tip is a great tool to use - just fill with water and pick up the colours to fade, blend and also achieve a great watercolour effect!

Its' lightweight design permits portability and eliminates the need to carry water bottles.

Simply fill the brush barrel with water, reattach the brush tip, and as you paint adjust the pressure on the squeeze barrel for a drier or wetter palette.

So many uses - scrapbooking, card-making, cake decorating, painting, & more.

Just unscrew the tip, fill the cartidge with water, thin decorators glue or liquid colours, screw the tip back on and away you go.

All your paint and glueing work is easily managed with this clever brush. It's just like holding a pen. Fill the barrel with water and use with chalks, inks, water colour pencils

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