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Why Buy Bazzill Cardstock

Why Buy Bazzill Cardstock
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Brand: Bazzill Basics
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Why Buy Bazzill Cardstock

Cardstock manufacturing is a bit like making a cake ... the finer and higher the grade of ingredients, the better overall result you will achieve. Bazzill Basics cardstock is manufactured using the highest quality cotton and wood pulp. It is also coloured using long lasting pigments. There is cheaper cardstock available if you want to purchase these. But do you want to use them with your most precious photos and memories? 


Cardstock Quality


When scrapbooking we invest countless hours and high costs in recording our memories so that our projects will be around for future generations. Not only will quality cardstock last longer, but it will also cut easier and cleaner and not blunt trimmer blades as quickly as poorer quality cardstock. Poorer quality cardstock using recycled products puts more pressure on the blade as it cuts, causing frequent blade changes, frustrations and extra costs. Light fastness is also better for quality products, causing less fading and it will also fold better.


Cardstock Colour


The colour of a cardstock is created by using Ink (water based) or Pigment Die (powder form and more concentrate and longer lasting). Bazzill cardstock colour is produced with pigment die added to the pulp during manufacture to obtain its’ colour. This gives a consistent true colour all the way through the cardstock resulting in a far superior product. No blemishes are covered up and the result is a high grade cardstock.  Alternatively, the colour can be applied by using water based ink products, not quality powder pigment. Another way  to obtain colour is to simply and quickly print the colour over the top of the cardstock once it is completed, covering any blemishes that might have been obtained in the manufacturing process. This result will give you a different core colour and the print is easily removed over time or sanded off. This way will also tend to produce inconsistent colour variations due to the printing process.

Cardstock Acidity

Acid & Lignin Free cardstock has a product called calcium carbonate added at the pulping stage of manufacturer to control the alkaline/acid level of the cardstock. Even though cardstock may be acid free, what is acidity of the ink that has been applied to the product. The more that is done to the cardstock over various 'after' stages the more unlikely the product is of archival quality.

So why buy Bazzill Cardstock?

It is simply the best with an extremely large range of colours and textures to choose from that can be easily coordinated. It is truly a product of the highest grade and will be around for the generations to come to take great pleasure in the time and effort you have taken to record your precious memories.

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